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Fully Accredited Part Time - Weekend Psychotherapy Training

The training Programme for 2016/17 is full. Next entry 2017-18.

smcp is an organisational member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
a member of the BACP Private Practice Division
a member of the BACP Healthcare Division

smcp is also a United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis Registered Training Establishment.

Once registered on the smcp training programme you will be entitled to apply for BACP student membership.

Once the smcp Certificate award is achieved students will be entitled to apply for individual membership with BACP.

You can then take the BACP online test (over 95% of people pass first time) in order to achieve BACP registration.

Once you have achieved the smcp Diploma you will be eligible to apply for accredited membership with BACP.

smcp was established in 1991 and has been delivering fully accredited psychotherapy / counselling training since 1997. All training, once the criteria have been met, can lead to qualified membership with BACP.

The programme is part-time and takes place at weekends and is delivered within a very flexible structure: qualified status and professional membership can be achieved in ways that suit individual circumstances.

Entry is at any time of the year depending on place availability and training can be achieved alongside full time employment. Most people begin the main training programme in September.

Missed training days can be made up within the same training year and this flexibility of approach has received an 'excellent' by 100% of students in their end of year feedback for the last eight years.

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Who is the psychotherapy training programme for?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory of personality and interpersonal behaviour, and a method of psychotherapy. The main modality is TA but other modalities are also included in the 4 year syllabus. You might want to attend for your own learning, development, understanding of your self, your relationships or for enjoyment. You only sign up for one year at a time.

If you are seeking full qualification as a psychotherapist or counsellor you can achieve this by meeting all the criteria throughout the 3 or 4 year part- time training.

You may want to consider training if you are:

Interested in Psychotherapy, Counselling, personal development, professional development, or improving your communication skills and relationships both professionally and personally.

OR - would like to enhance your understanding and skills in working with people.

OR - are practising as a counsellor and want to develop your effectiveness with a wider range of clients and problems.

OR - are somebody who would like to explore a new career as a psychotherapist or counsellor.

OR - would like to personally develop your understanding of yourself with like minded people.

Fully accredited Psychotherapy Weekend Training Programme                                                                       . smcplogo3

What's on offer?

smcp offers:

Two day Introductory courses (or '101' courses as they are sometimes known) - available throughout the year.

Part time, flexible, weekend, fully accredited training in psychotherapy and counselling. There are two main parallel training groups.

Adult learners entering the main training programme at smcp do not do so with the same experience - some people have read a lot
and some haven't, some have attended their own psychotherapy or counselling and some haven't and some have worked in professions that are related to the delivery of counselling or psychotherapy and some people have done none of these.

smcp provides an approach and structure that recognises individual experience and each person's uniqueness. 100% of students, in their end of year feedback, rate the training structure as excellent and this has been the case for every training year since 2008.

The main intake is in September but you may join one of the main training groups at any point during the year - dependent on place availability.

Fully accredited Psychotherapy Weekend Training Programme                                                                       . Entry Criteria Feb 2015

Entry Criteria

For the Certificate and Diploma courses: successful completion of the two day '101' introductory course.

The entry criteria for the CTA award can be found in the download to the left.

Accreditation and Time frame

Participation in the four year, part-time core training programme is flexible - hours do not need to be accumulated within consecutive years. You may take breaks from your training and return into the next year at the end of your break.

The Certificate award takes a minimum of three years part-time study.

The Diploma award takes a minimum of four years part time study.

The CTA award, on average, takes between 5 and 7 years part-time study.

The time frame, beyond the minimum number of years, will be up to you - you determine the pace at which you achieve the criteria.

As well as the core delivery of theory and practice hours - awards contain a placement and supervised practice element (part of BACP criteria), your own personal therapy and on-going assessments. You begin your placement when you have met the 'Fitness to Practise' criteria - most people achieve this about half way through their second year but when you begin is up to you.

Certificate Award: Can lead to BACP registered membership on completion of an online BACP test (over 95% of people pass this test first time).


Completion of an introductory two day course

Training hours

Supervised placement

Personal psychotherapy hours


Student membership of BACP throughout the period of training - about £75 per year.

Diploma Award: Can lead to BACP qualified membership on completion of all criteria and an online BACP test (over 95% of people pass this test first time).


Completion of an introductory two day course

Training hours

Supervised Placement


Personal psychotherapy hours


Student membership of BACP throughout the period of training - about £75 per year

Certified Transactional Analyst automatically leads to UKCP registration


A minimum of four years:

600 hours of Theory training

750 hours of practical experience (working as a student psychotherapist)

150 hours of supervision (once practising)

160 personal psychotherapy hours (roughly 40 hours per year)

Assessments – Combination of Assignments / end of year presentations / final written case study examination / final oral examination

Student membership of professional TA organisation throughout the period of training.

Students can potentially begin practising after a minimum of one year. You can take as many years as you want to become qualified as a Psychotherapist or Counsellor - minimum number of years is usually four.

Fully accredited Psychotherapy Weekend Training Programme                                                                       . PSA Logo July 2016


The programme is structured as four modules over four years. smcp offers two identical training options:

Group A & C: 15 weekend days per year beginning September 2016

Group B: 15 days - 11 weekend days and 4 Fridays (Friday times 12.30 pm - 8.30 pm) beginning September 2016

Contact Carol Lucas directly with any questions regarding psychotherapy or counselling training - you will have a personal response within 24 hours

Costs September 2016 - July 2017

You may pay in instalments over 12 months or make a one off payment or any combination in between.

Year 1 & 2: £1,535 (concessionary rates available) - payable in 12 instalments - Aug 2016 to Jul 2017

Year 3 & 4: £1,595 (concessionary rates available) - payable in 12 instalments - Aug 2016 to Jul 2017

Organisations: £1,655 – for full or part funded places. Monthly payments are by SO / frequency of payment options can
be negotiated.

There are other costs over and above the training fees but these are based upon the costs of supervision / personal therapy etc.
smcp can help with these requirements if you so wish - please check all requirements.

Payment Options

You may pay by:

1. Standing Order - 12 monthly payments from August - July.

2. BACS transfer - payment in full by 1st September or agreed instalments over the year.

3. Paypal (includes a charge made by paypal of about 3% - access the button at the bottom of this page) - please email for full
details re payment.

If you would like further information please contact smcp on email Carol Lucas via this link

Fully accredited Psychotherapy Weekend Training Programme                                                                       . How to Apply Jan 2015

How to Apply 2017-18

For details please download the document.
The application process for entry in to the main psychotherapy training programme is the same for the Certificate, Diploma and CTA award.

Applications for entry into the September 2017 smcp psychotherapy training programme begin January 2017

Fully accredited Psychotherapy Weekend Training Programme                                                                       . Application form smcp Sept 2015

Application Form

Please make your application electronically. If you would like the application form in word format please email Carol Lucas via this link.

Fully accredited Psychotherapy Weekend Training Programme                                                                       . Prog Info leaflet 2016-17 colour coded

Dates and Costs 2016-17

Download the smcp 2016-17 programme information for Group A and B Dates and Costs. Payments can be made in instalments.

Paypal roughly charge a 3% service charge so the payments on the drop down menu below are very slightly higher than the advertised payments to smcp. The slightly extra higher payment goes towards the service charge.

Secured by PayPal

smcp payment options

PayPal Acceptance Mark

We are sorry if you are having difficulty paying by Paypal: some versions of Internet Explorer don't seem to show the Paypal 'submit' button above: we are working to solve this issue, but you should find that using another browser, such as Google Chrome will solve the problem.

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