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Psychotherapy Training Testimonials #01

Student Feedback July 2013

At the end of every training year smcp students are invited to evaluate the training at smcp. Over 40 different aspects of the training are listed for evaluation. The External Moderator has independently analysed this feedback in line with Higher Education evaluative systems:

''Overall over 80% of respondents rated the module delivery ‘excellent’. In comparison with similar feedback for Masters Modules at other HE institutions this is outstanding.

Clearly there are more complex relationships at work in psychotherapy training, and some of the positive feedback may be related to these: however, this score is well above what would be expected and reflects an exceptionally high level of student satisfaction.''

Programme External Moderator for smcp August 2013

Some Training Reviews 2012 - 2014

The Four Year Psychotherapy Training Programme

Carol is professional, experienced, full of energy and thought provoking. The standards are high, boundaries clear and yet there is a relaxed and enjoyable feel to every training day. I particularly like that everyone is treated with respect and all comments are valued. I always know where I stand because of the clarity and predictability of the sessions - I like to know what is expected and do! SD 2013

The teaching is clear but challenging to learn and there is always an excellent balance of theory, skills and professional development. The timings, location and facilities are all excellent. JT 2013

The quality of the psychotherapy programme is outstanding. The learning environment just right and I have developed professional and personal relationships with my peers. Carol is kind, considerate, knowledgeable and supportive. I really appreciate the careful organisation of the material and the way it is delivered. I am never bored and always stimulated to learn more. BG 2014

Great learning environment - comfy, friendly, good trust built, great teaching with absolute clarity and lots of chances to ask questions. JF 2014

I like the location and premises, as well as the group size. I enjoy the stimulating material and practical application of the theory. CC 2014

The 101 Course at smcp

Very professional and welcoming a fantastic, refreshing day. C0 March 2014

Carol Lucas always goes the extra mile - everything very efficient, clear and thought provoking. A high standard of care for everyone and a very professional approach. July 2013

Professional, fun, knowledgeable....... KT March 2012

Clear, good communication, organised. Informative and interesting hand-outs. I was very nervous about attending on my own and without knowing anyone but was made to feel so welcome I felt fine very quickly. AY March 2014

I really enjoyed the course it was very relaxed. I found the trainer very friendly, with a good knowledge of TA who was very approachable. LW March 2012

Very friendly, fun and professional. I learnt so much and thank you! BP March 2012

Great thank you! Even though you had to move fast - great at clearly explaining, teaching, exercises, answering questions, using examples.........but getting through all the material. Great learning environment - comfy, friendly, good trust built, great teaching. JF March 2013

Carol Lucas was knowledgeable, energetic, very engaging, full of clear examples, funny and sensitive. Every question was dealt with thoroughly and all of us felt comfortable and important. RW April 2013

Excellent! What more can I say - entertaining and easy to understand and the group was great. WR 2012

We had such a good time and I am sorry the group won't be meeting again - thank you.
KD 2012

'I very much liked the activities which allowed me to understand the practicalities of Transactional Analysis. I also liked how the course encouraged self-reflection and openness. Carol Lucas was very enthusiastic and responded well to questions: appreciating the contribution of everyone and giving us time to think and discuss aspects of the theory.' CM 2012

'I liked the informal and relaxed atmosphere and the lack of pressure to participate. A lot of information was covered which was well structured but there was a great balance of teaching, exercises and time for debate. Carol was well prepared but relaxed and created a good environment to learn and share.' JY 2013

'I was very satisfied with this course we covered the majority of TA which I was interested in and the style of teaching was very clear, engaging and fun. I am now going to apply for the main training course and can't wait' PR 2012

'The setting, content and presentation of this course were great and I felt there were no fillers! Carol was open, very friendly and yet professional - obviously enjoyed her subject - thank you.' PT 2014

'I liked the structure of this course and the way it allowed for personal and professional development. It was also good fun and I met some nice people. Carol was welcoming and had a high level of expertise as a trainer.' CN 2012

'I really enjoyed the space and the light in the room and the generosity of the Tutor. The material flowed so well - gradually implementing more complex theory. I particularly enjoyed the humour and this helped us all feel relaxed and comfortable very quickly. I appreciated the Tutor being open to challenge and maintaining the respect of the group.' YL 2013

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