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We all experience difficulties at some point in our lives - it is normal. You can give smcp an idea of your budget and we will do our best to find you a therapist who can help - at a time that is convenient for you.

At every stage of the enquiry process you will have choices and stay in control of what you are looking for - for further details: smcp Privacy Notice

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How to book an initial appointment

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Costs for psychotherapy and Counselling

Where is smcp?

Contact Carol Lucas to make an enquiry about psychotherapy or counselling

smcp Privacy Notice

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All Counsellors and Psychotherapists are members of a professional organisation like BACP or UKCP.

Appointments are mostly offered within a week of your enquiry.

smcp is committed to quality, accountability and absolute regard for others.

Psychotherapists and Counsellors working at smcp are carefully vetted and have undergone an average of eight years training within the psychotherapeutic and counselling fields beyond their university and professional education. They have to meet all criteria, in line with professional registration, for practising at smcp.

If you decide to contact smcp please note:

All contact buttons on this website link to Carol Lucas and no one else. Your contact details will not be passed to any third party by Carol Lucas. If you request a therapist working at smcp to contact you directly this will only be after you have given written consent for Carol Lucas to pass your name and email address to them.

smcp has never used contact details for marketing purposes and never will - smcp Privacy Notice

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How to book an initial appointment

Carol Lucas will aim to offer you options of different therapists based upon your availability, your budget and preferences for a male or female therapist or a particular modality.


You can express your time preferences and budget and depending on therapist availability a convenient appointment can be made for you - any day of the week Monday to Friday 9 am - 9.30pm.

Click here to book an initial appointment - don't forget to let us know your availability for a first appointment and if you want - your budget.
Carol will get back to you within a few hours and always within 24 hours - once she has made sure there is a therapist who has availability and matches your requirements.

There is no commitment in making an enquiry and appointments can generally be made within a week of your enquiry.

If you want the individual therapist can contact you directly, either by email or phone if you prefer. You will be able to ask any questions before you decide to make an appointment or not.

The first session will be about meeting the therapist, experiencing the environment at smcp and working out if therapy is something you feel might help.

You do not have to commit to on-going sessions and the frequency; weekly, fortnightly or every 3 weeks - will be up to you. If you want to discuss the frequency of appointments then you can do this prior to booking.

Contact Carol Lucas to make an enquiry about psychotherapy or counselling

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Psychotherapy or counselling for Adults, Couples, and Families

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Each individual therapy session lasts for one hour (or some therapists offer 50 minutes) and the cost ranges between:

£20 - £60 per hour depending on the qualifications, availability and experience of the practitioner.

If you are on a budget we will do our best to help and for students or low waged prices start from £20 per hour.

If you would like to contact Carol Lucas via the contact buttons you can ask anything you might to know or book an initial appointment with no further commitment. This would normally be during the week of your enquiry.

Contact Carol Lucas to make an enquiry about psychotherapy or counselling

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Psychotherapy intensive sessions from 1 day to 7 days for individuals, couples and groups. 4* accommodation on site

The north wales centre for psychotherapy is 80 miles from smcp

Carol Lucas lives in Eglwysbach, North Wales - 80 miles from smcp. She works three days a week at smcp and the rest of the time in North Wales. Extended psychotherapy sessions from 2 hours - 10 hours (over several days) in Conwy, North Wales. nwcp is privately owned by Carol Lucas and has self contained accommodation on site in two cottages for up to 9 people. nwcp sits within the heart of the beautiful Bodnant Estate, North Wales.

An excellent opportunity for practising counsellors, psychotherapists, professionals, couples, individuals and families who feel they would like to have time away from home / have a holiday in a beautiful location and focus on their own self development with extended psychotherapy sessions over a few days.

Individual, couples and group therapy sessions - including business consultancy.

Extended psychotherapy sessions can be arranged once a month or contracted for at a different frequency or any combination of day sessions in Conwy, North Wales.

If you are experiencing difficulties in life and are looking to engage in therapy as an individual or in a group setting then doing intensive therapy over a period of days can help. Follow up support will be available.

If you want to do psychotherapy with Carol Lucas - whole day appointments available in Conwy in a beautiful location: 8 acres of land, panoramic views of the Snowdonian Mountain Range, lake, heated indoor swimming pool and 4* accommodation on site if required, then please contact Carol Lucas via the contact buttons or visit The north wales centre for psychotherapy for further details.

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